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Clayton Brothers

Rob Clayton and Christian Clayton are brothers who have - individually - carved enviable reputations within the artworld.  In 1996 they decided to combine their strange visions of life, luck, and fate, and become collaborators resulting in a twenty-year art practice that ended 2016 leaving a body of work that now resides in museums, foundations and private collections around the world. During this time, the siblings created nearly 1000 artworks that span the disciplines of illustration, fine art, graphic design, animation, motion picture, television, and music video.

In tandem, they are known as The Clayton Brothers, producing detailed and dynamic images, sought after for commercial use as well as by private collectors. 

Working from their Californian high street studio, the Clayton brothers drew inspiration from their immediate environment, incorporating local businesses, neighbourhood regulars, and snippets of overheard conversations as subjects for their paintings.

Their approach to painting both individually and as collaborators is one of visual narrative with each image telling a story. But it is the execution of their work that makes things interesting. One brother would begin a painting then hand it to the other for his interpretation. Back and forth the brothers would work; twisting, elaborating, reinterpreting, editing and redirecting each other’s marks. The end result is a challenging ambiguity, the interpretation determined by the viewer. 


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