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Ronnie Cutrone

Ronnie Cutrone is a New York Pop artist best known for his large-scale paintings of America's favourite cartoon characters, such as Felix the Cat, Pink Panther and Woody Woodpecker. 

Introduced to New York’s underground art scene while still at high school, Cutrone started hanging out at Warhol’s legendary Art Factory in 1965. The following year he enrolled at the prestigious School of Visual Arts and moved into an apartment with the Velvet Underground. 

He started dancing at Factory events and soon became part of the infamous EPI (The Exploding Plastic Inevitable) and toured with the Velvets. 

In 1972 he became Andy Warhol’s Personal Art Assistant and for the next ten years worked side by side with the Pop master producing paintings, serigraphs, films and books. His first ‘post-Warhol’ exhibition (1983) was internationally acclaimed and his style, labelled Post-Pop by the critics, heralded the start of a new art movement. 

Both works were hand embellished by Cutrone at the opening of his New York show. 

Cutrone died in his home town of New York in 2013.