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Earl Mac Pherson

One of the most successful and imitated of all pin-up artists, Earl 'Mac' Pherson (born in Oklahoma in 1910) originated the famous "Artist's Sketchbook" series for Brown & Bigelow, in which a central, finished figure is augmented by preliminary-style side sketches. 
World War 2 interrupted his B & B service, and K. O. Munson became the first of his many successors. After the war, Mac signed with Shaw-Barton for a similar successful series.
Mac worked with live models, and men's magazine spreads of him painting lovely nudes, scattered about his modernistic Southern California studio, added to his legend.
In 1951, Mac Pherson was stricken with polio, and his assistant, Jerry Thompson, took over the Sketch Book, and calendar series under the name T N. Thompson.  
In the early 1950s, Mac Pherson had his own television show in Arizona, and he did paint, but it he was in so much pain, that he couldn't keep up with normal deadlines. 
Earl Mac Pherson died in December 1993, he was 83 years old.