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Eric Drudwyn

Erik Drudwyn was born in 1968 in Fort Collins, Colorado and raised in Wyoming where he recalls first drawing seriously at the age of thirteen. His mother was an artist so he was exposed to art at a early age.

In 1997 he enrolled at the Colorado Institute of Art where he learned more in the first 6 months than he had in his entire art career. He received his degree from the Institute in the summer of 1989.

Erik's work sits amongst the best of the fantasy realists and his attention to detail is remarkable. Using live models, these portraits have a sensual aura to them, as if you could actually reach out and touch the subject. 

He has had several books of his artwork published, the most notable being The Art of Erik Drudwyn published by SQP New Jersey 2003. He continues to paint sensuous images and his work has appeared in a number of magazines dedicated to fantasy realism and erotica including Artcore, Art Premiere and French Kiss.