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Ricky Carralero

This is rare collector's piece and an example of an astonishing art fraud that was exposed some years ago. 

The master of erotic photorealism Armando Huerta was working in Mexico City producing advertising art (for Coca Cola etc) and spoke little English so he sent his art to a Cuban Latino naemd Ricky Carralero who was publishing the Double Impact comics. Ricky jumped on this new talent and used the art for both covers and interior pages for these comics.

Later on, assuming that Armando would have no contact with the US pin-up art market, he started selling Huerta's paintings as his own work!! He painted over the signature and substituted his own on dozens of paintings.

With the works being snapped up by avid collectors Carralero was approached by a leading LA gallery and published a series of limited edition prints which he signed as his own. 

The image below is one of these. The work is by Armando Huerta but carries Carralero's signature on it. 

The similarity between Carralero's supposed work and Huerta's was obvious to anyone who had followed the latter. It was only the efforts of Sandra Padjan who became Armando's agent that this fraud was exposed and Armando's talent was opened to the world.